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An Update on the Dangers of GranuFlo

People who have been diagnosed with kidney failure must seek treatment or otherwise face rapidly declining health and potential death. Although one option is to get a kidney transplant, this can be very difficult to do, not to mention prohibitively expensive. As such, many people are unable to pursue this path of treatment, but instead choose dialysis as a way to better maintain their health in the face of kidney failure.

There are a number of different types of dialysis, but the most commonly used one is hemodialysis. Hemodialysis is the filtering of a person’s blood through a machine, during which the blood is treated with a variety of substances, to rid it of harmful and excess products that it can no longer filter out itself. Depending on a person’s situation, they may have a buildup of harmful acids. In this case a patient will need a substance that neutralizes these acids. Many people in this situation, therefore, had GranuFlo, a dry acid concentrate, used in their dialysis procedures. GranuFlo, a product designed by Fresenius, was designed to neutralize harmful acids by converting to bicarbonates; however, it contained too much of this substance, causing a harmful buildup of bicarbonates instead.

As a result of the excessive level of bicarbonates in a person’s system, many patients found themselves suffering from serious health and heart problems, such as the following:

Because of the serious consequences these repercussions of using GranuFlo can have and the duty to its consumers of providing a safe product that Fresenius had, many people have made the decision to pursue a GranuFlo lawsuit in an effort to hold this product manufacturer responsible and get much-needed compensation for their suffering. Currently, the company is facing a number of lawsuits, particularly from families who have lost loved ones due to their negligence.

Talking About Divorce to Your Children

Marriage is the union of two persons, not only in love but also in life. However, for a number of different reasons a married couple may end up filing for divorce or legal separation. As a divorce lawyer can attest, ending a marriage can be a complex and oftentimes an expensive and complicated process.

Divorce is different from a separation. Divorce means that the marriage has been legally dissolved, leaving no obligations and responsibilities to both parties, whereas a legal separation occurs when a couple lives apart from each other, but nevertheless maintains legal obligations of being a married couple, or follows directions regarding things like alimony or child support as determined by the court. Whatever the case may be, both can be especially complicated legal processes when there are children involved.

During a divorce, among the important things a married couple with kids should talk over with a divorce lawyer is the agreement on child custody and child support. Among the most important topics that should be discussed are;

  1. Medical care for the child or children
  2. Visitation rights
  3. Education and other financial issues concerning the rearing of the child or children
  4. Living arrangements
  5. Religious instruction

There are other factors to need to be discussed, but it is essential for both parties to negotiate and put on paper the prearranged parenting agreements. This can help in easing the tension of the divorce or separation and also provides a solid understanding of the obligations and responsibilities that both parties have for the child or children affected by the proceedings. When an agreement has been reached, it is always better to have the judge sign it for future reference just in case one party ever fails to uphold their end of the agreement and the agreement will need to be enforced by the court.

Whatever your reasons for filing for divorce happen to be, there is no doubt that doing so will have some effect on any children of that marriage. When filing for a divorce, or even just for legal separation, always be sure to give child custody and child support agreements the attention and consideration they deserve.

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