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The Biggest Myths About Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one enigma of a medical condition. While it’s certainly gained traction in the last few decades, many of us are still stumped by this sleep disorder. As such, there’s a ton of misinformation regarding treatments for sleep apnea.

With all the misinformation, it can be difficult to differentiate between the facts and fiction. Here’s a small guide on knowing the basics about sleep apnea.

Myth #1: Getting diagnosed is nearly impossible and a huge hassle.

The truth: You can get diagnosed in the comfort of your own home.

It used to be the case that a sleep apnea diagnosis was only possible through going to a sleep lab and undergoing extensive testing. These tests were often inconvenient for the patient and weren’t always accurate.

Nowadays, portable machines and other forms of advanced technology have made it possible for a patient to go through those tests in the comfort of their own beds! Not only is this easier for the patient, it rules out any nuances that could arise as a result of sleeping in an unfamiliar place.

Myth #2: The best way to cure sleep apnea is to remove your tonsils.

The truth: This doesn’t quite cure sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is the result of a bunch of different variables coming together and making it difficult for you to breathe at night. As such, a tonsillectomy won’t completely cure the issue. It doesn’t reduce the risk of developing sleep apnea, and the jury is still out as to whether or not it lessens the symptoms associated with such a disorder. The best treatment for sleep apnea is one that is carefully planned and laid-out for by a trusted doctor.

Myth #3: Only overweight people can develop sleep apnea.

The truth: Anyone can develop this condition.

It’s generally thought of as true that overweight and obese people are more likely to develop sleep apnea than someone who is not overweight. This is because it’s easier for their airways to become obstructed, especially at night.

However, anyone can develop sleep apnea. A person who is at a healthy weight and exercise regularly can develop the condition. In fact, many athletes who perform intense workouts daily also have sleep apnea!

It’s not a safe assumption that you won’t develop sleep apnea just because you’re at a certain weight. Anyone can develop this disease, so make sure that you go to the doctor if you start to feel like you might have any sort of sleep-related breathing disorder.


Proper medication and treatment offered at places like Silent Night Therapy can greatly improve the quality of life for someone who experiences sleep apnea. New methods of treating the disorder are tested every day, and it’s becoming less difficult for someone with sleep apnea to live a happy and healthy life. Don’t feel discouraged about your sleep apnea diagnosis- although it can be tricky to separate fact from fiction, your doctor will be able to help you come out of this stronger than ever.

New York City Mayor Proposes Plan to Hide Cigarettes from Store Shelves

Following 2003’s Smoke-Free Air Act, which banned smoking in workplaces, bars, and restaurants, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed a new plan that he hopes will further reduce smoking in the city.

Bloomberg’s proposal, which he put forth to the city council this week, would make it illegal for stores to have cigarettes on display. Vendors will still be allowed to carry and sell cigarettes, but they will have to be hidden from sight.

hiding cigarettesSince the 2003 smoking ban became law, adult smoking is down 6.7 percent. The idea behind the new proposal is to reduce impulse cigarette purchases, especially among younger individuals, further reducing the amount of people who smoke.

More than 7,000 people die of smoking-related illnesses every year in New York City alone. Hopefully this new proposal can  have a hand in reducing the number of smoking deaths that occur in the city.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy palsy is a birth injury that most frequently affects newborns and young children in the first few years of their life. Until the early 80s it was held that  cerebral palsy in infants was the result of asphyxia or oxygen deprivation during birth; however, studies have shown that brain damage can occur even during the first 6 months of pregnancy due to any of the following reasons:

Abnormal development of the brain – caused by infections, viruses, disturbance to the head of the unborn baby, or changes in the genes that are responsible for the development of the brain

Periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) – these are factors that either affect the mother, like extremely low blood pressure and infections (like German measles), or are caused by the mother herself due to use of illegal drugs while pregnant

Intracranial hemorrhage – a brain hemorrhage (in the baby) due to stroke

Besides its possible development during the mother’s pregnancy, though, this brain disorder that affects balance, movement and body posture can also be caused by careless or negligent actions on the behalf of medical professionals.

According to the website of the Law Office of Paul Levin, medical malpractice is often recognized as the cause of cerebral palsy. Though often unintentional, doctors and other medical practitioners can be held totally liable for failing to provide proper care for the pregnant mother or child during and after his or her birth. Unfortunately, in many cases, this proper care could have likely prevented the disease from developing. Some of the most common medical malpractices that result in cerebral palsy are:

  • Anesthesia error
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Surgical error
  • Misdiagnosis

Understanding whether these or other negligent acts were at fault for a child’s cerebral palsy can be difficult, but many professionals, such as another doctor or a cerebral palsy attorney can help a person assess the situation and understand who is at fault.

There are some no-medical causes of prolonged or severe loss of oxygen in a child’s brain that cause cerebral palsy, including vehicular accidents, near drowning, serious head injury, and child abuse. In these cases, another party may also be at fault for the child’s development of this disorder and can potentially be held liable. Contact a New Hampshire Medical Malpractice attorney today to learn more about your options.

An Update on the Dangers of GranuFlo

People who have been diagnosed with kidney failure must seek treatment or otherwise face rapidly declining health and potential death. Although one option is to get a kidney transplant, this can be very difficult to do, not to mention prohibitively expensive. As such, many people are unable to pursue this path of treatment, but instead choose dialysis as a way to better maintain their health in the face of kidney failure.

There are a number of different types of dialysis, but the most commonly used one is hemodialysis. Hemodialysis is the filtering of a person’s blood through a machine, during which the blood is treated with a variety of substances, to rid it of harmful and excess products that it can no longer filter out itself. Depending on a person’s situation, they may have a buildup of harmful acids. In this case a patient will need a substance that neutralizes these acids. Many people in this situation, therefore, had GranuFlo, a dry acid concentrate, used in their dialysis procedures. GranuFlo, a product designed by Fresenius, was designed to neutralize harmful acids by converting to bicarbonates; however, it contained too much of this substance, causing a harmful buildup of bicarbonates instead.

As a result of the excessive level of bicarbonates in a person’s system, many patients found themselves suffering from serious health and heart problems, such as the following:

Because of the serious consequences these repercussions of using GranuFlo can have and the duty to its consumers of providing a safe product that Fresenius had, many people have made the decision to pursue a GranuFlo lawsuit in an effort to hold this product manufacturer responsible and get much-needed compensation for their suffering. Currently, the company is facing a number of lawsuits, particularly from families who have lost loved ones due to their negligence.

Concussions Due to Brain Injury Can Have Serious Consequences

You often hear that as a result of an accident, the victim suffered a concussion. Few realize how serious a concussion can be because it is often depicted as something most people walk away from. A concussion can have lasting cognitive and physical consequences that often result in financial hardship.

The word concussion is derived from the Latin term “to shake violently” and usually occurs when the head is subjected to a sudden bump or blow. The brain sometimes actually moves within the brain pan, causing mild to serious injury. One of the most common causes of this injury is vehicular accidents.

Consequences of Concussions

While a concussion is considered the least serious of brain injuries, any injury to such a delicate structure is never good. At the very least, the victim of a concussion may lose cognitive functions temporarily. Vision may become impaired, and confusion, headaches, nausea, and dizziness are common. In some cases, the effects of a concussion may persist for weeks, impairing a person’s ability to function normally.

For young children, whose heads are proportionately larger, concussion is often more serious. Out of a million children who suffer concussion every year, about 30,000 become permanently disabled in some way. That amounts to nearly three percent, which may not seem like a lot at face value, but turns out to be significant given the high incidence of concussions.

Treatment Protocol for Concussions

In most cases, a mild to moderate concussion will resolve in a few minutes to a few days. Nevertheless, suspected concussion should be referred for medical attention and observation. If the patient loses consciousness, this is a sign of a serious concussion, and may require tests to be done such as a CT scan or MRI to look for bleeding of the brain. In some cases, hospitalization is required.

Never discount the potential problems that may arise from a concussion. Seek medical attention immediately after an accident if there is evidence of head injury.