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Goose Population Control Training to Be Held Thursday

In an effort to address the village’s goose problem, the Animal Defenders of Westchester will be holding a training seminar that will educate the public over a humane way to control the Canada goose population known as “egg oiling.”

As the name implies, egg oiling involves covering goose eggs in a thin layer of oil that seals it. This seal prevents oxygen and other vital chemicals from passing through the shell, humanely killing the gosling before it develops. It must be employed within a few days of the eggs being laid.

egg oilingWhen their populations get out of hand, geese are known to cause an array of problems, including:

  • Behaving aggressively near their nests
  • Contaminating water supplies
  • Leaving droppings and feathers where children play
  • Safety concerns on roadways

Many Mamaroneck residents are hoping egg oiling becomes the method the village chooses to employ to handle the troublesome goose population. While it may seem rather cruel to kill unborn geese, egg oiling is certainly more humane than the United States Department of Agriculture’s plan to reduce the goose population: rounding them up and slaughtering them.

The training session will be held on April 11th at the Mamaroneck Public Library at 6:00 pm.