Mamaroneck, New York

New York City Mayor Proposes Plan to Hide Cigarettes from Store Shelves

Following 2003’s Smoke-Free Air Act, which banned smoking in workplaces, bars, and restaurants, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed a new plan that he hopes will further reduce smoking in the city.

Bloomberg’s proposal, which he put forth to the city council this week, would make it illegal for stores to have cigarettes on display. Vendors will still be allowed to carry and sell cigarettes, but they will have to be hidden from sight.

hiding cigarettesSince the 2003 smoking ban became law, adult smoking is down 6.7 percent. The idea behind the new proposal is to reduce impulse cigarette purchases, especially among younger individuals, further reducing the amount of people who smoke.

More than 7,000 people die of smoking-related illnesses every year in New York City alone. Hopefully this new proposal canĀ  have a hand in reducing the number of smoking deaths that occur in the city.

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